Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Two aims over the past couple of days. First, to interview for our transport and customer service administrator position. Second, to extract feedback from staff about how things are since the restructure and get their exciting new ideas. We currently stand at interviewees six: exciting ideas nil.

Watching the trail of interviewees progress to our meeting room, I can pick out several more inspired ways of spending an afternoon – slow torture under dripping taps being one of them. To make it worse, our HR people have concocted a never-ending list of interview questions to ensure that we are not breaking any possible prejudicial laws, which ensures that each round of torture lasts an hour a throw.

There is Mrs Loud, who spills through the office, her scarves and personality trailing behind her like a tidal wave; Miss Nervous, who would be flattened by any of our most charming customers in about a nano second; Miss Shifty, who it suddenly dawns on me temped for us once before (and therefore I have already discovered she has a CV which fails to connect with reality); and Mr Pouter Pigeon, the out-of-work salesman.

It is deeply gloomy. The wonderful people who are tragically out of work do not appear to be reading our ads, that’s for sure.

In the meantime, I continue on my rounds of the staff hoping for a glimmer of inspiration and involvement. I’ll report back if I find the precious but elusive nugget.

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