Wednesday, 17 June 2009

To my great relief, left hand (production manager) and shrunk-on-top (old pal doing some consultancy work) have managed to unite on common ground and get on with each other, which has meant an enormous amount of much appreciated support for me through very difficult times.

Really do have some severe staff troubles at the moment and wonder just how many we are going to have to go through to eradicate all the rotten apples and restore some quality of life for us at the top.  Aware that the line managers are feeling the same way and know it cannot be sustained for too long. One is forced to wonder at people’s mentality, though. Currently have vacancy for line manager,  which we are initially advertising internally as one of the current temps could be a viable proposition. Instead, received amazingly abusive email from said temp on Facebook saying that they noted the vacancy but that we are “clearly looking for a fall guy”.  Since when does offering a job with responsibility constitute looking for a fall guy?  And since when does the novelty of social networking make it advisable to send abusive e-mails to your boss? 

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