Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Have had definite breakthough this week, proving every black cloud has a silver lining.  After suffering weeks of increasing sickness, bad timekeeping and a general lack of interest from the shop floor, the penny has dropped with all the line managers and they are suddenly right on board and behind us. Inspired by this phenomenon, I have a fit of positivity, look at left and right hand in their exhausted state (right hand currently a pasty, sagging wreck of its former self, left hand with bags halfway down face) and put foot down that they need breaks. More exciting still, these can now be taken with line managers on board. 

Left hand is having jaunt shortly, making right hand’s case more urgent so we have victoriously packed him off to West Country for sun (hopefully), sea and fresh air. A little clean and healthy living won’t hurt the boy! 

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