Wednesday, 24 June 2009

After huge clear out, there are only a couple of staff left with whom I have major worries. One sales person is on a final warning following disciplinary last week. 

Always a difficult situation where one feels hugely unhappy about a junior member of staff but also conscious that they have not had the best of – or at least consistent enough –  guidance from their manager.  My conscience therefore dictated a milder response than usual, which included in the outcome that we should deliver plenty of additional training.

Hadn’t had very much to do with their performance myself, bar one run-in last week and one bout of total fury when she had taken a call from a potentially very large client whom I had had personal meetings with earlier in the month. Her foolish response had been to tell me that it wasn’t necessary for me to speak to them, which prompted a fair eruption of anger from me.

Lo and behold – despite all warning – she does the same thing once again this morning and is unable to even tell me who called or if it was a man or woman from aforesaid company. With some people, it must be reasonable to doubt if all that is lacking is training! 

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