Wednesday, 29 April 2009

It’s one of the few networking-type groups of which I’m a genuine fan of and it’s also run by a friend so seemed no problem at the time. But am now regretting same as office is upside down and much time wasted this morning attempting to find clothes untrammelled by dog hair, rifle through rarely used make-up drawer and bully local salon into giving me a much needed manicure. Damn it but men do have this bit easier! Meanwhile try to give two management both a boost and a re-focus, given they are suffering from joint strains of assessments and unsavoury allegations against staff and are resultingly feeling the old enemy of getting nowhere (quite wrongly as it happens). 

Take them back to basics. Point out that in the end it is very simple – their next-in-lines are paid to do a job, to reach exact targets and deliver them to certain standards. They can offer help and coaching but in the end, the people deliver and do well or are replaced, because they are paid to be accountable in turn for their own team’s production.   My two look perkier – though suspect that line managers won’t when this is re-iterated to them. This concept seems remarkably hard for people to grasp. 

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