Wednesday, 3 June 2009

1 Mins

Long pre-holiday chat with very depressed left hand/production manager last night. He’s genuinely clearly exhausted and needing the break and he will be off on in 24 hours… but in addition had sunk into a morass of other people’s poor work and allowed himself to be overrun. Report reached me on way to dentist (never a moment to catch me at my sunniest) first thing this morning over work failing to be completed on time and various failings clicked into place in my mind. I occasionally forget left hand, who I get on with so well, also needs hard boot applied to delicate area. My thoughts moved on from there: through investigating and discovering lazy culprit who had filled up cardboard only dustbin with soft drinks cans – driver – to equally silly girls in office who had failed to obtain relevant information to be able to do work in first place. Sales junior was heard to report to her line manager that she dreads me going in that office as her heart goes funny every time I walk in. Hopefully, that might apply to a few more of them by the end of the next ten days of me being fully in charge.

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Tuesday, 2 June 2009
US fashion retailer defies the downturn
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