Wednesday, 5 August 2009

More applicants, more interviews for the sales office. Realise there is nothing quite like having had a seemingly perfect applicant completely mess you around and make you completely lose your nerve on your judgement on recruiting.

Also still the issue of being up against forming a whole new team – because of the re-structure there will only be the newly promoted line-manager in situ and both his sidekicks are on my recruitment list.   The disaster having passed our formal, HR-developed interviews with flying colours, resort to older methods in addition. Gut – and line manager – pro offering the administrative role of the two to a fairly green graduate on the main basis that they are extremely keen to learn and seemingly completely straightforward of personality. The latter suits both our styles perfectly, and would be a huge relief after the devious and backstabbing previous incumbent.   Gut remains uncertain as to the sales role on which two are now shortlisted. One has been on shortlist for a couple of weeks and come to conclusion that this hesitation on our part is probably for good reason, even if unidentified, and therefore act on it. With new pc cvs, cannot even look at horoscopes and see if others would work as a team! Decide to take a half-day break and hope that change will clear brain. 

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