Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Emphasis been completely shifted from 70:30 management opinions and assessments to vice versa plus, of course, the banning of the word ‘feedback’ in favour of ‘feed-forward’. 

In addition, it is the first opportunity to assess the impact (or not!) of all the changes entailed in the restructure, new systems and new management. Copies of new forms were distributed with a week’s warning and varying amounts of prep work had been done by the victims. Fifty per cent had not grasped we had a company mission leave alone what it was, which was mildly distressing. New values, for some reason, had sunk in slightly more and some were even vaguely able to see a link between these and their own performance.

In fairness, though, these are all new concepts and as overall there was definite positivity on overall improvements of quality of furniture and of life for employees, I guess all is not yet lost! 

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