The weird and wonderful cars British entrepreneurs drive

Wonderful cars
tge_65-copyBusiness owner: Tom Exton

Company: LDN Muscle – a provider of downloadable training guides set up in 2013 with a forecast turnover of £1.2m.

Car: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Tom Exton readily admitted that his main passion outside of fitness lies in the automotive sphere, an area he’s been interested in since a child. Wonderful cars are where he treats himself, while going for a drive is a way to relax away from the pressures of running a fast-growth company.

Before his Ferrari F12, Exton owned a Lambourghini Huracan 580-2. However, his latest Italian supercar is his “dream come true”. So what does it say about this business builder’s personality? “My choice of spec, and the cars themselves, while exotic, are somewhat conservative on the scheme of things. I like to go for blacks and greys, rather than anything bright and brash,” he told us.

“Whilst I’m also into my watches too, cars are the ultimate for me and if honest, watches are something I could take or leave a lot of the time. I’m not one for going out and spraying champagne up the wall of a nightclub, so cars are my extravagance.”

Exton keeps an audience of car fans updated through his Instagram, Twitter and YouTube posts, meaning this “engaged audience” can be transferred to the LDN Muscle brand.

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