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daniel-with-carBusiness owner: Daniel Prendergast

Company: The Rug Seller – a business that began life on a market stall in the North East of England and is now one of the UK’s largest retailer of rugs.

Car: Contour

Cars form part of Daniel Prendergast’s passion for design, engineering, technology and he enjoys the experience and connection with machinery.

“Cars bring freedom and escape and I love the adrenalin rush of speed. Motorsport is my escape from the fast-paced world of running an ecommerce business and allows me to fully immerse myself into a race weekend,” he explained.

His Contour race car was designed in 2009 and is apparently one of only two ever built. Developed in 2012 into a full aerodynamic car to compete in the BRSCC Open Sportscar Series, 2016 was the first full season of racing for Prendergast.

“My passion for cars and motorsport reflects my desire to set goals and the fact that I am prepared to take risks to achieve them,” he said. “From car setup to facing adverse weather conditions, a race weekend requires a huge amount of quick decisions to win an event.”

Alongside being a great escape and way of indulging in a bit of adrenaline, the wonderful cars allow the business owner to promote the business through TV coverage and media exposure at race events. He also enjoys taking colleagues and work partners for track experiences – great for team building and developing relationships.

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