Wendy Tan-White

Name:?Wendy Tan-White


Company:?Website builder Moonfruit


First job:”I was sponsored by Ford during my computer science degree at Imperial College. I worked each summer at one of the Ford offices in Essex. I ended up programming assembly line control systems using green screen dumb terminals connected totheir mainframes. Far cry from the mobile, social, e-commerce tools we build SMBs in today’s internet, cloud server powered world!

Dream job:”I did a design MA at Central Saint Martins while I was on maternity. Would love to be a set designer using smart textiles to create sensory experiences which blow your mind. 😉

Car:“The joys of young kids in London. Toyota Corolla Verso (smallest of the 7 seaters!)

Economy, business or first-class:?Premium economy. Can work comfortably but don’t feel like I’m burning our hard-earned cash!

Most extravagant purchase:Beautiful, snakeskin, 5″ Louboutins ?795 (technically a present from my husband!)

Most played song on your iPod:?”Rolling in the deep” by Adele

Best business book:?Crossing the Chasm?by Geoffrey A Moore (an oldie but still very pertinent for marketing technology products)

Worst business moment. NASDAQ crash in 2001. Making 58 staff redundant, many friends, some family.

Proudest business moment:?Raising $2.25m in September 2011 because of Moonfruit’s accelerating growth with my husband, Joe White and best friend, Eirik Pettersen.

Business mentor:?Richard Duvall, the launch director of Egg and co-founder of Zopa.com. (He head hunted me into Egg, supported my move into being an entrepreneur, but sadly passed away few years ago.)

Next big thing:Angel investor. Particularly supporting new businesses and women entrepreneurs in male and female teams. There has never been a better time for women led-businesses in terms of investment and understanding market opportunities. The majority of purchasers and social media users online are women.

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