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We’re stuck in a success gear – and it’s affecting our kids

We’ve gotten stuck in the more-better-faster, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately, too-busy-racing-around-to-enjoy-our-lives gear. We’re over-fed, under-nourished, over-medicated, under-rested, and under-satisfied. Think of the wear and tear trying to get everywhere only using one gear second gear would put on your car. That’s what’s happening to most of us.

Our kids understand this intuitively. And theyre speaking up. In interviews, many teens have said, I don’t want to be successful!” Why Because if you’re successful, you never have time for family, friends and fun. you’re always working. Your boss never appreciates you and keeps asking for more. No wonder they dont want to be successful! Lets stop and take a close look at whats off. And how to correct it.

When we drive, we shift gears up and down as circumstances require, or our automatic transmission shifts for us. As we succeed and lead we need to do the same thing, but we arent. Lets take a closer look at when the three gears of success and leadership are needed.

As we succeed

  • First Gear is for starting and restarting, learning and relearning;
  • Second Gear is for accelerating performance, producing and competing;
  • Third Gear is for breaking through outmoded approaches to creativity and innovation.

But heres where it gets tricky. We use the word success as though it means the same thing all the time, but it doesnt. What we mean by success is quite different in each gear. And the leadership we need in each gear is quite different too. This is what our kids dont realise, and we havent either, till now.

Success in first Gear means following rules and regulations so we can perform our new skill safely and effectively. Then the meaning of success shifts. And our leadership needs to shift too.

Success in second Gear means weeding out beginners rules and devising shortcuts so we can produce more quantity, more quality, more customers, more profit, in less time with less people. (Its the more-better-faster gear our kids are hoping to avoid, but they will need in the future like it or not.) Now we need more freedom and independence with timely evaluations and easy access to our leaders for additional input. Then when we start feeling our gears grinding, our bodies become more and more stressed, our return on effort diminishes, and we need to shift to third.

Read more about needing rest and holidays:

Success in third Gear is being creative, innovative and collaborative so that we can continue advancing our careers and our lives. In third gear we are leading our own project and looking for expertise and support.

But many people fail to shift into third. Why

Like an Indie driver, a manager can constantly press down his accelerator and his teams accelerators too. Sick days and errors will keep increasing and morale will drop. Even though he constantly complained he was exhausted, his heart was pounding and he couldnt sleep, even though he had more vacation days saved up than anyone else, he wouldnt take time off. Why Because he kept telling himself his team wouldnt produce at the same level without him and his results would slip and so would his bonus.

By disproportionately incentivising, offering bonuses and promoting second Gear activities, you only multiply the problem as well as resultant family and health issues and budget-breaking costs. This complex interaction of success and leadership errors is producing “The Success Crisis”.

But wait, the Success Crisis is costing far more! Overusing second Gear means underusing first and third squeezing out time we need to replace outdated systems and equipment, to learn new methods and technologies (first). And eating up time to think about what will work and how to start creating the future we want (third).

At a time when our infrastructure is crumbling, when weve sent manufacturing overseas and immigration policies prevent the smartest and most innovative international students from coming to our universities and think tanks, we need to pause and re-think the situation.

Fortunately some of our kids are taking matters into their own hands, showing the way to the future they want. And we will want too.

At 16, Blake Ross was a threat to Bill Gates or so the cover of Wired magazine declared!

His psychologist mother remembered that Blake spent hours in his room. We didnt know what was going on in there at first, but when he started requesting programming books for his birthday, we began to get an idea. When he wanted to do an internship in Silicon Valley, Abby had to file his work papers for him because he was three days short of 16! Still a teen, this self-taught coder co-founded Mozilla Firefox and sparked a global phenomenon. Firefox has been downloaded more than 226,265,215 times (as I write), threatening the supremacy of Microsofts Internet Explorer as predicted! At 20, Blake had to buy a tux to attend a dinner for Time magazines 100 most influential people 2015. In 2013 Blake resigned from his position as director of product for Facebook to dream about whats next for him. And Blake just turned 30!

Are you using all three success and leadership gears at the right time Is your organisation

Susan Collins is the founder of The Technology of Success.



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