What Brits perceive to be an ‘authentic brand’

The research found that Brits were most likely to get angry in the face of poor food safety and hygiene, as was shown when the horse meat scandal rocked the globe. Nine out of ten Brits also deem it important for companies to always act with integrity.?

It also doesn’t hurt when they bring out innovative ways to make the products and the buying process that much better.

Furthermore, 95 per cent of those surveyed cited ‘not letting customers down’ is something all UK businesses should strive to do.

With all that being said, it’s perhaps not that hard to believe that Brits are one of the most demanding consumer markets in the world.

Cohn & Wolfe MD Andrew Escott, said: ?As more and more corporate scandals come to light, consumer perceptions of businesses are suffering: Just three per cent of individuals in the UK believe big businesses are very transparent and honest. While no brand is immune to a crisis, we?ve seen again and again that those brands that act with honesty and integrity recover faster and are more respected by consumers than those who don?t.

?For instance, this study was actually conducted before the scandal around Tesco?s profits emerged. What it shows is that Tesco has built a solid foundation of consumer trust that they can still use to protect their business, but they will need to act quickly and transparently.

?In a fiercely competitive industry, retailers and supermarkets have to work hard for our custom. The strides they have made in operating in a more transparent and interactive way with their consumers certainly seems to have paid off given their position as the most authentic sector in the UK.?

Marks & Spencer’s, Tesco and John Lewis were at the top of the UK charts. The top ten list also included Virgin and Amazon, as well as a shocking eight supermarket retailers.

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