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What does a sales and marketing department do?

What does the sales and marketing department do?

In order for businesses to run efficiently, different departments are responsible for various tasks, goals, and outcomes. When it comes to small businesses, the sales and marketing teams are often merged into one department with one manager. At the same time, larger companies usually have separate sales and marketing teams that usually work closely alongside each other for certain projects.

In this article, we’ll discuss the roles and responsibilities of the sales and marketing division so that as an employer, you know what sort of tasks your sales and marketing team should be handling. If you are someone who works or is interested in working in sales and marketing, this article should provide some insight into what a typical job in sales and marketing would entail.

Setting sales goals

One of the most important responsibilities of the sales and marketing team (and one of the first tasks that should be completed in a new business) is setting realistic sales goals. Goals may be set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, depending on the company’s structure and busy seasonal times. Past sales figures and carefully calculated projections are used to create reachable targets.

If there are sales reps involved in the company, individual sales rep quotas and commissions should be determined.

Product pricing & planning

Sales and marketing are responsible for determining whether any products in your current catalogue should experience a shift in price or should be dropped altogether and have new products introduced. These very important decisions will be made by inspecting past sales figures and through customer reviews, product research, trends etc.

Product placement is also vital to the success of these products, so the sales and marketing team are responsible for deciding which wholesalers and retailers will stock your product.

Speaking to customers

Keeping your customers happy is the role of the sales and marketing team. They should send your customers surveys, request product reviews, and try to find ways to upsell them. Any customer issues should be resolved by the sales and marketing team as far as possible. There should be a protocol in place if any customer issues/ product malfunctions arise.

Speaking to customers and assessing their wants and needs will also provide the sales and marketing team with key insights into improving their marketing efforts.

Track trends and monitoring competition

In order for marketing strategies to appeal to your target market, they need to be on-trend. The sales and marketing division should dedicate time to tracking trends and checking out what your biggest competitors are up to in terms of marketing, specials, product availability etc. The knowledge gained in this research and tracking will help build effective strategies and plans.

Planning and executing marketing strategies

Your sales and marketing team should develop marketing strategies that will use your marketing budget in the most effective way possible. Your marketing efforts may include social media marketing, Google Ads, SEO, flyers, posters, TV, radio and more. New marketing strategies should be implemented every few months and should be in line with your brand identity and values.

The sales and marketing team are responsible for coming up with all the marketing material and imagery. However, freelancers may need to be employed to create any material out of the marketing teams’ skillset.

These days, there are many different ways to boost sales, including contests, giveaways, and other unconventional marketing strategies.

Social media

Social media is an affordable and accessible way to get your business’s name out there, and it is recommended that you are active on at least a handful of platforms. Most successful businesses ensure that their sales and marketing teams take care of their social media by creating content and interacting with followers. In many cases, a dedicated social media manager is employed, who will work with the sales and marketing team.

Social media marketing allows you to target your exact target audience and is a fantastic way to find new customers.

Communicate with other divisions

Sales and marketing teams need to ensure that their efforts align with the company’s general objectives. Any information that they receive that pertains to or may be of importance to any of the other divisions should be passed on. Communication should be kept clear and transparent at all times. At times, feedback and go-aheads may be required from members of other divisions.

There should also be effective communication between members of the sales and marketing teams, especially if the divisions are separated.

Looking for new innovations

Marketing and sales technology and applications are always improving. It should be the job of the sales and marketing teams to ensure that they’re making use of the latest technologies and applications so that you stay a step ahead of your competitors and that processes are fully streamlined and simplified for all involved.

Bonuses, incentives, and commission

Many employees working in sales and marketing divisions are offered incentives and commissions if certain targets are met. This can help encourage employees to really push sales and think out of the box when it comes to marketing strategies.

When there is no incentive or bonus at stake, sales and marketing teams often become complacent and do the bare minimum.

What is the sales and marketing team not responsible for?

In many businesses, employers and managers attempt to dump as many random tasks as possible on the sales and marketing team instead of hiring an assistant or additional employee. When this happens, it takes time away from what the sales and marketing team should be focusing on, and it could also lead to disgruntled team members.

The sales and marketing team are not responsible for the admin tasks of other departments or duties that would typically be carried out by an assistant.

It’s important to remember that the members of the sales and marketing team are professionals at what they do, and their duties should stay within the sphere of sales and marketing. To learn about sales and marketing tips and tricks, read more of our sales and marketing articles today!


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