What does your office say about you?

But while some may scoff at these flashy designs, research suggests that innovative touches around the office can make a real difference to business productivity and inter-office relationships.

Here’s a new business personality quiz?to see what it could tell you about the modern office and its employees?

If there were objects around your workspace to inspire you, what would they be?

  • Reminders of past, successful projects or campaigns?
  • Inspirational photos, such as space-flights, mountain climbers or tropical islands?
  • Green plants and photos of family, partner, friends or pets? or
  • Something quirky or rare, such as miniature train models or antique matchboxes?
If the last option applies to you, then according to the quiz you are an Office Visionary.?This is someone who has a wonderful imagination, is always looking ahead to the newest trend, and thrives in a relaxed environment.?Not only are you a great motivator, but you can also paint a vivid and rosy picture from your dreams and goals.

What?s your attitude to email?

  • A useful tool to get information across quickly?
  • An excellent way to expand ideas and to get them to many people at once?
  • A necessary evil ? you prefer face-to-face communication? or
  • An ideal way to deal with people and projects without the face-to-face?
If you choose the third option, then you are more than likely a Go-Getter. Individuals of this nature are confident, fast-moving and fast-talking.?This isn?t a bad thing though as you are more willing to speak face-to-face to colleagues and clients, which in turn can lead to greater office productivity.

What?s your motto for business?

  • ?You only get out what you put in??
  • ?Reach for the stars??
  • ?Take time out to smell the roses?? or
  • ?All of life is a solvable riddle??
Opting for the first choice is a sign of a Negotiator. These people have the ability to put others at ease and also make the big decisions when it counts.?You can see both sides of the argument, making yourself and your motto essential to the office environment.

Bigger isn?t always better

Simple designs can often be just as effective as bigger ones, so there is no need to go over the top in every department.?Start off by introducing small changes before moving onto more elaborate ideas.?

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