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What is revenue?

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The group member who posted the question wrote the following: “Go on – someone define it for me. Then we can argue. It’s a maze.”

Being a bit of a wuss, I declined to answer but thought it might be interesting to throw it out to the masses.

What is revenue?

Wikipedia defines it as a “US business term for the amount of money that a company receives from its activities in a given period, mostly from sales of products and/or services to customers”.

Ask Oxford says revenue is “the income received by an organisation”.

Even The Domesday Book online glossary tackles this question. The glossary says it’s this: “The provision which a manor owed the king, for example one night’s keep for his court. In Domesday this is often translated into a money equivalent as cash replaced the barter economy.”

Is this a relevant debate? What is your definition of revenue?

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