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What is spirituality and can it pay off in business

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Spirituality is a fundamental belief that deep within all of us there exists a higher self which is all-knowing, compassionate and loving; in essence the truth of who we really are.

When we are connected to this higher self, we feel at peace. We recognise both our innocence and that of others. When we are disconnected we experience fear, anger, guilt and stress.

In business, spirituality is the expression of our higher selves through the decisions we make and the way we live our business lives. It includes:

” Absolute belief that no problem comes without purpose – there is always an answer. Blaming others or outer circumstances disempowers us.

” Having the openness, courage and honesty to admit our vulnerability.

” Being able to live with uncertainty, let go of all compulsion to obsessively control, and maintain faith in others when things go wrong.

” Living with integrity, despite being under severe pressure or tempted by easy money .

” The willingness to ask for help and to be guided by our higher selves even when what is asked of us is scary and does not make immediate logical sense.

The advantages of applying spirituality in business

Most people see no connection between what is perceived as the ruthless world of business and all matters spiritual; in fact, they view them as diametrically opposed.

Personally, I have always been excited by how our truth can be expressed in every aspect of life, including business. It is by living up to our spiritual beliefs that we attract profitable clients and high quality loyal staff. Instead of suffering endless problems, sleepless nights and stress we move to effortless accomplishment.

Challenges are resolved far quicker than we expected and just the right opportunities come our way to help us create a business that far surpasses whatever we initially planned.

A flier dropped through our door one day with the offer to buy a newly built office on the other side of the road from where we were operating, in a small rented property. We had no immediate need for more space and it made no logical sense to involve ourselves in such a commitment. Intuitively, however, it felt right. I sought guidance and got a strong yes take the plunge.

We bought the new office and shortly afterwards discovered we needed more help. Not only were we able to accommodate new people immediately, but we attracted higher calibre graduates because we looked more professional in our new environment.

This former banker turned Kabbalah teacher is encouraging CEOs to get spiritual

How to connect with ones spirituality

For me, the best way to connect with my spirituality is through mediation. I value it so much that I would not want life without it. It calms my mind, lessens the degree to which I get distracted by fear-based thoughts and makes a significant difference to my ability to live in the present. I get a sense of what is actually important, where my priorities lie and can let go of other issues that have been troubling me.

Completely fresh ideas and new solutions emerge during meditation. Compared to starting the day by reading emails and allowing other people’s demands to become a priority, meditation puts me in charge. I am able to see where I need to focus, and I avoid getting involved in secondary issues that can be dealt with more effectively later in the day or by someone else. I start every day on my terms.

There are many forms of meditation. My own preference is to sit quietly for twenty minutes as soon as I am out of bed and dressed. I calmly observe my breathing, and let my thoughts go. Such letting go is not easy, but with practice it becomes more natural.

As I quiet my thinking I sense relief and observe myself becoming calmer and more present. My breathing imperceptibly slows down, and I experience a sense of peace. The thoughts do not stop, but they become less frequent.

What the future holds

In my opinion there is an upsurge, especially within younger, more forward looking business owners towards all matters spiritual. The current boom in mindfulness bears witness to this. My prediction is that whilst the world in which live will never be perfect, there is a new generation of Visionary CEO emerging. These leaders will show the way ahead.

They will actively incorporate a belief in Higher Self within their businesses and make decisions in alignment with it. Both they and the whole of society will benefit as a result.

John Reynard is the author of the “Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success” and founder of the School of Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

As for religion in the workplace employers be warned.



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