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What is the work of a HR recruiter?

Are you interested in a career as an HR recruiter? Or perhaps you require the services of one and are wondering exactly what they do? There are many job roles in the HR world, all requiring a wealth of different qualifications and experiences. 

Do you know what HR recruiters do? Or are you potentially interested in pursuing a career in this job role? No matter what your reasons are, in this post, we are going to delve deep into the world of HR recruiters and discuss what it is they do and why their job is so important. 

What qualifications does an HR recruiter need?

If you are interested in the role of an HR recruiter you are probably wondering what qualifications determine this role? A bachelor’s degree is often the minimum education requirement for an HR recruiter. Some employers may require several years of work experience, although preference may be shown to candidates who hold professional HR certification or a master’s degree in HR. A degree certainly isn’t the only way, there are a number of courses you can embark upon to get qualifications in HR. Have a shop around and see what’s out there.

What is the difference between HR and a recruiter?

Firstly, it is important to distinguish between these two roles to avoid any confusion. The role of a recruiter is to take care of testing the potential of the candidate for the job role. On the other hand, human resources allocate the recruiting resource to a role. It is the responsibility of the talent recruitment team to test the potential of the candidate to move them to the next stage of the company’s recruitment policy or to the actual hiring process.

What skills and competencies does a HR Recruiter need?

If you want to really flourish in this role, then there are a number of skills that you need to possess. Some of these main skills include:

Excellent communication skills: Communication is at the heart of what all good HR recruiters are about. The role involves plentiful communication with managers and employees alike to establish good working relationships and rapport. HR Recruiters will also frequently liaise with new potential job candidates. 

Possess great interpersonal skills: As an HR Recruiter, it is imperative you have great interpersonal skills in order to work and liaise with various departments on a daily basis working on filling open positions and nurturing teamwork. Again the HR recruiter must be comfortable with meeting potential new candidates for new roles.

Be an effective decision-maker: HR Recruiters have a very important role for businesses as they need to effectively review candidates’ applications and determine whether or not they meet the criteria and skillset to be considered for the specific job role they have applied for. 

Be discreet: Because an HR recruiter handles sensitive and personal data, data protection laws must be adhered to, so the ability to be discreet and follow laws is paramount.

What’s involved in the HR Recruiters job?

The role of an HR recruiter involves a lot of responsibility and is imperative for the effective running of a business. As an HR recruiter, you can expect a varied set of jobs which usually involve the following duties: 

  • Devise and drive forward the recruitment process for the business.
  • Be able to efficiently network with industry contacts, trade groups, social media and employees to name but a few.
  • Implement and monitor the goals and targets of the hiring and recruiting process.
  • Have a keen eye for detail when handling admin duties and keeping records and data.
  • Implement recruiting initiatives and reach out to local education providers.
  • Effectively screen applicants to determine if they are suitable for the position applied for.
  • Liaise with the hiring managers to create and publish new job adverts and descriptions.
  • Hold meetings with managers to determine how effective the recruitment procedures are and decide if anything needs to be changed etc. 
  • Build and develop a pool of suitably qualified candidates in advance.
  • Collect data on cost per hire and time-to-hire
  • Research into new sources for active and passive candidate recruiting

What does the working week of an HR recruiter look like?

Work Environment

You are likely to be based in a bustling office when working as an HR recruiter, saying that in this day and age and global pandemics being home-based is also a very real possibility. It is also very common to travel between companies and attend job fairs etc to partake in the all-important networking. 

It is the recruiters’ responsibility to ensure the workforce is of high quality and operating correctly with everyone in the right job roles for their skills. Because of this, the HR recruiter role can be considered high pressure. A HR recruiter has to be comfortable and confident under pressure and meeting new people on a daily basis. You have to be prepared to be able to answer lots of questions and sort out peoples enquiries and questions. You can expect a fast-paced, busy work environment. 

Work schedule

HR recruiters often for a full-time position of 40 hours a week, and those hours are usually pretty full. Travel during the working week is also very common due to the volume of recruitment days, meetings, careers fairs and networking. So although you are office-based generally, you will also be expected to travel. Weekend work is also not uncommon in this job role. 

After reading this you should feel much more knowledgeable about the role of an HR recruiter. Whether you are thinking about this as a career or you simply want to know more about the role to know how they can help in your business, we have covered a lot of ground. 



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