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What it means to be a gentleman in modern business and five ways to do it better

Even among those who work for others, the world of jobs for life is becoming a distant memory. Were all becoming more entrepreneurial in the way we work.

So what does it mean to be an entrepreneur in these modern times, and how can todays modern gentleman ensure that he is fulfilling his potential

Entrepreneurialism is often associated with fame, wealth, and an almost-smug confidence. However, todays entrepreneurs are really in the business of providing solutions, embracing risk, and relishing the opportunity to go it alone when necessary.

Entrepreneurship is, in fact, an opportunity to be a gentleman in the sense of working bravely in the service of others.

Entrepreneurs serve others by identifying and addressing their needs. An entrepreneur should be introspective; he should make a regular task of noting the sorts of the problems and annoyances he faces.

He should also practice empathy, thinking through what others might need. Some of these problems or needs might seem very small perhaps rainy cycle handles, or too many spam emails. But if taken seriously, the solution to these problems could be the development of a really important product, one that makes life safer, easier, calmer, or more fun…

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Having identified a specific opportunity, an entrepreneur rises above his fears and doubts to rapidly prototype solutions. He doesnt feel ashamed of setbacks or other peoples objections, but instead sees them as useful feedback.

Entrepreneurship involves a deep kind of emotional intelligence. Instead of getting defensive or discouraged, a good entrepreneur is able to simply improve the prototype accordingly. Its a lesson we can all take to whatever job we have.

Last and best of all, todays modern entrepreneurs work hard to share their solution with others. In this digital age sharing has never been easier and, in the case of the entrepreneur, more potentially profitable. But the point of entrepreneurship is to make peoples lives better. So a key task of entrepreneurship is to get ones product not only to those who will pay for it, but to those who truly need it even if they dont realise it.

Entrepreneurship necessarily involves being able to make your good idea seductive and lovable in the eyes of others.

With this in mind, if you’re a modern gentleman who wants to start your own business or excel in your current position, continue reading on the next page for five philosophies that will help you identify and overcome challenges.



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