What it means to be a gentleman in modern business and five ways to do it better

Here are some practical philosophies designed to help you identify the challenges you face and overcome the obstacles that might otherwise hold you back.

Rule one: Embrace risk

A big indicator of maturity is how far one is able embrace risk and the inevitable brushes with failure that risk entails. Problems and pains are your best feedback when it comes to refining and improving your ideas.

Pinpoint something in your recent past that went wrong a relationship, a conversation, a work project… What might the other person have been thinking or feeling What lies at the core of the issue What might you do differently next time

If you are able learn from each failure, big or small, it will mean that whatever the short-term verdict, the risk you embraced will pay off in the long run.

Rule two: Stay agile

The business world is, of course, full of exciting upswings, reversals, and left turns. Thinking like an entrepreneur therefore requires not holding on stubbornly when circumstances change. Agility also means choosing the things in your life (from our skills and mind-set to bags and cars) for their adaptability and agility as well.

Rule three: Take a moment

In modern life we usually believe were not supposed to waste time; we feel strongly that we should be working, or studying, or ticking off things on your to-do list. But some of our greatest insights come when we respect the potential of reverie.

Its important to pull away from the demands of the immediate and spend some time thinking about bigger picture things in a non-judgemental and unhurried way. Thats how our busyness and productivity find true direction.

Rule four: Readdress your work-life balance

Its time for gentlemen to take a fresh approach to balancing life with work. This means not just being there for our friends, partners, and family, but also embracing new experiences in our time off.

In fact, we could start by calling our free time time on rather than time off . Todays gent weaves new things into the fabric of his life by gently exploring the world and discovering new ways it can make him feel truly alive. The trick is to go exploring in your five-to-nine, which in turn can give you fresh energy for your nine-to-five.

Rule five: Never stop learning

Make a list of things youd never think of doing. It might be learning to tango, trying wild swimming or something simple like going to the cinema on your own. Try one out one weekend. Cut loose from the invisible chains of habits, and break out of your comfort zone.

” Go somewhere new in your local area
” Go on holiday, but dont have a plan other than to explore
” Change your route to work

Matthew Zorpas is the gentleman blogger. He helped develop?How the Modern Gentleman can Succeed in Business and Entrepreneurship is part of the Ultimate guide to Being a Modern Gentleman, created by MINI UK and The School of Life. Visit the website to see the guide in full.

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