What Rachel Elnaugh’s “Entrepreneurial Profiler” revealed about me

Times they are indeed a’changing. As to where they are going, I have no idea as yet. The past few weeks have slipped by and I have physically – and mentally – been forced to take a step back and re-evaluate things. My reasons for continuing the life I had been leading have now gone.

All sorts of decisions are yet to be made about the business. While waiting for the report from the HR expert I appointed, I have the luxury of a "down period" in which to assess myself. I took Rachel Elnaugh’s fascinating “Entrepreneurial Profiler” on the web to find out that I am a classic "mumpreneur". Amazingly accurate description of having probably started the business on the kitchen table – indeed I did – and being motivated in part (or in the main, in my case) to provide both care and income for children.

Having done her feedback, I was greatly impressed to receive a personal email from her. Rachel is the master of reinvention and her story fills me with hope. Whatever we are facing in life, these things are there to challenge us and to open new doors.

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