What the royal baby saga teaches about PR and marketing

Inevitably, a story like a royal baby is always going to attract great column inches and air time ? but even if you don?t have the big news item of the generation, you can learn a trick or two from this regal chapter.

We love people stories

First and foremost in every great story is the element of “people”. Not every story hangs on a person as key as a royal, but translating your business product or service update into a person-focused news item is key to how well it is covered in the media.

To be successful in marketing, you need to always remember who you?re marketing to and what will help the audience empathise.

Countdowns and suspense make great PR

For almost two weeks, members of the public happily camped outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary?s, desperate to catch sight of Kate going to the hospital ? or coming out with babes in arms.

The suspense was such that the our media appetite heightened and we were all desperate to hear the news when it broke.

In the same way, brands like Apple are great at countdowns and building suspense.
These tricks work well to entice lots of media discussion (particularly social media dialogue) and ultimately to further increase the demand for your product or service.

Read more about the royal family:

News distribution needs multiple channels

Notice how Kensington Palace turned to social media to announce the birth? Yes, of course it used the traditional channels of press releases, statements and even a town crier, but this is a modern-time birth and that calls for modern news distribution.
Whatever your brand or service, take note of the fact that even the most historic of organisations now view multi-channel news delivery as vital.

Don?t rely on press releases just because that?s what you?ve always done.?What about a blog, a social media conversation or a video narration online?

Smart brands join in the storytelling

It didn?t take long for brands from all over the world to start joining in on the news in the hope of attracting some PR for themselves.

Mamas & Papas and Clarks shoes were among those quick to tweet special and tasteful congratulations, but there were some weird ones too ? like Pizza Hut comparing the royal arrival to a Hawaiian pizza!

The point being ? savvy brands join in a conversation where they know that the hashtag will be popular.

National events and revelations make great opportunities for businesses great and small to be part of the storytelling.

Content marketing needs the next chapter

It goes without saying that now we?re aware of the birth, we?re still watching with eager eyes for the next chapter. We want to know what she?ll be called, when the first family photo will be, and when the couple will give a live statement.

Bear in mind that even after your company or brand?s big story is out in the public domain, it?s imperative you keep up your online content marketing with conversation to make full use of your newly engaged audience.

Keep dialogue operational and you stand more chance of longer running relationships with your audience.

Deborah Watson is an award-winning PR and marketing consultant who founded the communications agency?Lexia Media.?

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