What to eat at work to stay productive

My job?s pretty exciting, but it can also be very demanding ? I need to keep my energy levels high.?

Over the years, I?ve worked out that eating different foods at different times of day really does make a difference. So here are my top tips for what to eat and when if you want to stay productive.

Breakfast like a king

It?s so easy to skip breakfast when you?ve got a busy life and a demanding job. I often used to do it so I could get into work early. Then I discovered why it?s vital to start the day properly if you want to keep going until home time.

That?s because experts reckon that our brains are at their most effective when we have around 25g of glucose in our bloodstream. It helps us concentrate, focus, and create.

Breakfast is key for putting that glucose there and helping it to stay there all day. I used to think a bowl of ordinary cereals would do the trick, but by half past nine I?d be feeling tired and distracted again.

I?ve discovered that what really helps me is breakfast with what are called “slow-release carbohydrates” ? like a bowl of porridge oats or muesli. They keep my blood glucose levels right all day long. Because I?m always in such a rush in the mornings I breakfast at my desk when I first get in. It certainly makes reading email a lot more interesting.

Don?t forget the caffeine

There was a time I used to worry about drinking coffee. Then I discovered that caffeine can improve your memory. So I always start the day with a large Americano. If you?re not a coffee fan, you can also find caffeine in tea ? and even better ? chocolate. Just don?t go mad.

Treat yourself to a little chocolate

If that?s not reason enough to celebrate, here?s another one. Experts say that chocolate is good for you. (You might want to read that again.)?

To be precise, chocolate can help improve your concentration and your blood pressure. You?ll have to find another reason to crack open that jumbo tin of Celebrations though, because we?re only talking about one or two small squares of dark chocolate a day.

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