What value entrepreneurs?

Lefty think-tank the New Economics Foundation argues that several jobs, including City workers, advertising execs and tax advisers take value out of the economy, while hospital cleaners, childcare workers and staff in the waste-recycling industry put more in than they receive.


But what about entrepreneurs? The fact that they work across industries makes them hard to judge, but surely we’re worth something?


The study of ‘social impacts’ found that hospital cleaners generate £10 of value for every £1 they earn, but ax advisers were most destructive, however, laying waste to £47 of value for every £1 they created.


Investment bankers stimulate economic activity, which in turn generates value, but the sector was marked down for recent big money losses. Advertisers create ‘wants’ where ‘needs’ are met and therefore contribute to over-consumption. That makes them evil, apparently.


On this basis entrepreneurs would be high up on the list of net contributors. As any entrepreneur worth their salt will tell you: the first rule of business is to spot and need and to satisfy it.     Related articles:Do you trust your bank?Buried under end-year accounts

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