What you want from Copenhagen

Billed as ‘two weeks to save the planet’, many hope the Copenhagen Summit will be the most ground-breaking yet and that delegates will agree big targets for cutting carbon emissions.

Responses from British businesses owners across a wide range of industries – including the ‘dirtier’ ones– were resolutely in favour of progress towards preventing human climate change. But chief execs and MDs also expressed caution against the potential impact on trade. New regulations should be fair, proportionate and should not inhibit the arduous challenge of pulling Britain out of the recession. The following are a few examples of what entrepreneurs up and down the country are saying. Kevin Meagher, CEO and founder of Intamac: We welcome the climate talks in Copenhagen currently taking place. The environment and the effects humans are having on it have been neglected this year with financial concerns taking priority and governments and consumers haven’t been giving it as much attention as we all need to. There are obvious things we can all do to make a difference, starting with reducing our energy consumption. Brendan McAree, managing director, McAree Engineering: “What’s important is that everyone moves together. There is little point in Europe agreeing to slash omissions without the rest of the world playing their fair part.  “We have to be conscious that while it is politically correct to be pushing the green agenda that the European manufacturing sector does not end up paying a too high a price. “It very important that the economic recovery takes hold in a meaningful way over the next year of too and that focus is kept on this.” Graeme Crossley, CEO of Brand Reputation: I’ll be interested in finding out how smaller organisations can be incentivised through tax breaks etc to reduce their carbon footprint. I don’t think that small growing businesses should be overburdened with legislation that they’ll struggle to meet during times of expansion. Additionally, I want to see commitment from the UK government to legislate on greenwash. Thomas Coles, managing director at MSM Software: “It’s an opportunity, not a threat. But Gordon Brown is bound to get it wrong and hamper business with more regulation instead of leading the world.” Related articles:Car parking taxes: Has the government gone mad?Green travel entrepreneur’s big breakSimon Nixon: "Michael O’Leary isn’t completely mad" 

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