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Whatever the outcome of Brexit, it will change the face of politics in Britain forever

If ever we needed convincing that our politicians work for their own personal good we have it in spades. It has been a vicious political fight with every side using arguments entirely for their own agenda from prime minister David Cameron and his clinging to power, Boris Johnson and his goal for no 10., the truly terrible Nigel Farage with his racial bigotry, and the TUC as ever flying the flag of anti-establishment dressed up as caring.

The celebrities have also weighed in heavily. Bob Geldorf being embarrassing as usual, was making v signs on the Thames and upsetting the fish while the press, besotted as ever with David Beckham, reported his every word on the subject. Are we really so celebrity obsessed these days that we see footballers as qualified to advise us

Business celebrities and others have come out on one side or another. There is at least an argument that they may have some greater knowledge of the economics involved than the majority of people. It was an interesting move to have Theo Pathitis on the panel of a political debate. Are we looking at a future where business celebs merge with our politicians, and would that be a good thing or bad

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It is hardly surprising that the people are generally confused about what the whole thing is about. The whole campaign is a horror story of hatred, fired up by layers of the restless and sick of society and lit by dangerous and self-interested politicians. The horror of Jo Coxs insane and pointless murder epitomises everything that has been so desperately wrong. Cameron has truly hoisted himself on his own petard on this one. Will we be voting on every matter, uninformed as we are from now on

Where does it stop Scotland having not got part of the populaces own way immediately started demanding another referendum as soon as the first was over. Will we too be demanding another one on the EU in 2017 And meanwhile, what about the man in the street, or indeed the average SME owner. Whenever the country is pre-election, business slows. We have seen the stock exchange and the pound see-saw. Global recession is at our finger tips depending on the vote (really I rather doubt that Britain sans empire has that sort). Reality is that we feel uncertain about the future and are battling to shore up our businesses in amongst a mood of panic and uncertainty as if we havent had enough of that for the last six of seven years.

Whoever is going to be in power in the future, I sincerely hope that they show a glimmer of doing what they are elected to do: a glimmer of listening to the people and doing right by the people who voted them in to represent them. And just a tad less of career politics of the most narcissistic on every side.

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On Thursday 23 June, the UK will vote on whether it wishes to remain in the EU. Karen Bexley, head of employment law at MLP Law, takes a look at the Brexit debate and gives comment on some of the potential changes to employment law following the referendum.



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