What’s the secret to growing a business today?

Packed with advice from successful entrepreneurs, the book, Growth in a Difficult Decade,?offers practical insights from managers and business owners across all sectors.

More than 60 entrepreneurs and businesses have taken part in the project, which is raising funds for the International Red Cross. Contributors include Donald Trump and Starbucks’ Howard Schultz as well as teenage internet millionaires and serial entrepreneurs.

The book offers guidance on all aspects of running and growing a business ? from how to monetize and execute a business idea, and the importance of validating and iterating ideas, to how to build a business sustainably, tips on raising finance, how to expand a business into new countries, and what to look for when hiring key staff or finding business mentors.

Growth in a Difficult Decade?is published by workspace providers Regus (but don’t worry, they’re not trying to sell anything to you!).

“We work closely with successful entrepreneurs all over the world, so we wanted to help share their insights into how to achieve sustainable business growth, even in times of recession or economic uncertainty,” says Regus CEO and Real Business columnist Mark Dixon.?

?This book shows there?s no single formula for success and growth ? there?s a fascinating diversity of ideas and approaches. But it also shows there are common themes for success ? from the power of marketing, to the importance of mentors and colleagues whose talents complement your own, to perseverance, to the importance of exploring new markets. The insights and practical tips in this book will help businesses of all sizes and at all stages of growth.?

Growth in a Difficult Decade ? advice from successful entrepreneurs is written and published by Regus, and available for ?20. All proceeds go to the International Red Cross.

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