When all was said and done

Joining the Real Business team for a drink was Broadbean Technology founder Dan McGuire.

“Is anyone going on to a pub?” he asked hopefully.

Alas, there were no takers (it had been a long day), but that didn’t stop us chewing the fat with McGuire, who was surprisingly chatty for one who claims to be wary of the press.

“A newspaper called me a ‘young millionaire’ last year. My mates started ringing me up to say ‘is it true?’. When I said no, they’d say ‘but it says so in the newspaper’. There are still people that won’t talk to me down the pub because of that.”

Checking that we weren’t hiding a dictaphone under a nearby pile of napkins, McGuire tells us his biggest beef with the press is that they make him sound a bit naff.

“Most of the time they quote me saying things in a way that doesn’t even sound like me.”

We at Real Business hope we’ve done you justice here, Mr McGuire.

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