Who is Anthony Rushton?

I find our team two up on the second tee at Wentworth. My playing partner is an entrepreneur whom many would not have heard of but whose company’s corporate membership is allowing me to walk the fairways that Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player have graced.

He and his other founders have built a brilliant business, which has never received funding. Once an interactive TV provider (with interactive games such as Deal Or No Deal, which resulted in them winning a international Emmy award), they have transformed the business into a technology auditing platform for video.

In Paul Carr’s last article for the Guardian, he wrote about the London internet industry being dead. What rubbish.

Mike Butcher of TechCrunch wrote a response, citing a few successful entrepreneurs – Mike Smith and Andy McLoughlin being two of them. Both very prominent London entrepreneurs.

But Mike and Andy (along with a few select others) are the same entrepreneurs continually cited in the press regarding the London tech/startup scene. This does a huge disservice to the other successful tech/internet/media  entrepreneurs who have shunned the limelight, built global brands and are market leaders in their field.

Who is Anthony Rushton? Who is Satish Jayakumar? Who is Michael Stephanblome? Who is Alex Kelleher? Who is Jay Bregman? The list goes on…

A few of you in the know will recognise these names. If you don’t, look them up. They are leading lights in their fields, based in London, building innovative market leading businesses.

Playing golf with Anthony, whose business has been at the forefront of the creative, technology and auditing fields reinforces a few important lessons. Action creates clarity. Sweat the small stuff. Keep your head down And swing slow.

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