Who is Britain’s most promising FD?

We’ve extended the deadline for the FDs’ Excellence Awards to February 14, and we’re on the lookout for amazing FDs.

In particular, we want to know about new talent:

FD of the Future Award
This new award category will spotlight high-potential finance leaders with in FTSE 350 and mid-corporate UK businesses. Nominations are being sought from board-level and senior finance leaders for upcoming finance talent within their teams.

Young FD of the Year
For this award, we’d like to hear from/about outstanding finance directors under the age of 40. Candidates will also need to have been working at their company since at least January 1, 2009.

Last year’s Young FD of the Year was Marc Bradley of Westbury Street Holdings. At Westbury, he’s assisted with post-acquisition integration and launched cash management and cost control projects to great success. “Marc is without a doubt one of the most talented FDs of his generation,” Westbury chairman and CEO Alastair Storey said.

Does your company employ someone who fits the bill? Or do you fit the bill yourself? Make sure you fill out a form soon, as we’ll need your nominations by the end of February 14. You can find out more on the FDs’ Excellence Awards website.

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