Who should write your company’s social media policy?

Last week, we covered why it’s essential that your company has rules covering social media. This week we ask: who should be responsible for writing your company’s social media policy?

The problem is that social media touches so many parts of a company. If social media is used to its fullest extent, then it?s a business development tool, external communications tool, internal communications tool, client service tool and much more.

Should it be IT, as they control access to the firm?s IT systems? Errr, no. Any policy needs to be more than just who has access to what programme.

Should it be HR because they tend to be the people who write policies concerning people processes on behalf of the firm? Errr, no. Any policy needs to be flexible enough for employees to have the freedom to engage on social media without restrictive and lengthy sign off processes.

Should it be your external social media marketing support/agency/manager? Errr, no. What do they know about your firm and how it truly operates?

Should it be marketing? Errr, no. They aren’t necessarily best placed to advise on the mitigation of risk that social media brings to your business, regardless of whether you block access to the internet and ask employees to leave mobile phones at home.

So, who should it be?

A social media policy needs to be approved and agreed upon internally. Being pragmatic (and having hung around in HR for the last 11 years) there is nothing stopping you ?borrowing? a policy and tweaking it to suit your firm?s needs.

But the million dollar question is whose responsibility it is to actually produce this policy?

My belief is that a steering group made up of a representative from HR, IT and marketing with senior team representation need to be tasked to produce the policy.

Who has written it for your company?

Heather Townsend is the author of The Financial Times Guide To Business Networking. and the founder of The Efficiency Coach. Follow her Partnership Potential and Joined Up Networking blog for more useful tips and tricks.

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