Who would want to work with The Apprentice candidates?

This shouldn’t come as news to anyone – indeed, the loud/dictatorial/pushy Apprentice candidates would obviously be a nightmare to work with.

The survey, conducted by distance-learning business Home Learning College among 3,000 working adults, also found that The Apprentice makes viewers feel more ambitious (21 per cent) – but also makes 20 per cent feel that they could have achieved more had they been more driven.

“Typically participatants in this show are autocratic, dictatorial ‘shapers’ who want things done their way, so horns are bound to clash,” comments occupational psychologist Sherridan Hughes.

“But successful teams have a mix of shapers, coordinators, administrators, creatives, analysts and social secretaries who fulfil different functions at different times. Some team members are task focused and others are people focused – but they all have to pull together and contribute in their own special way. One doesn’t have to be loud and bossy to add value!”

The Apprentice isn’t all bad, though. One positive effect of watching the weekly wrangling and backstabbing is that one third of The Apprentice viewers feel better about their current job and colleagues.

The grass isn’t always greener, after all.

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