Who?s got good news?

Maybe you’ve just won a big contact. Maybe your turnover has gone through the roof. Maybe the love of your life has realised you’re the one for them. Maybe your dog has recovered from pneumonia.

To get you started, here’s Team RB’s good news:

Kate: I’ve just come back from New York – and not a moment too soon! Unlike today, sterling was up against the dollar when I was in the States, meaning I could buy my fantastic Abercrombie hoodie (among other things) without feeing too guilty.

Bex: The next issue of Real Business has almost gone to press, which means tomorrow I shall be able to have a massive glass of red wine to celebrate.

Cat: Recession or no recession, it’s my birthday tomorrow! And next week I’m going to China for a holiday.

Don’t be shy; post your good news below.

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