Who?s richer than Richie Rich? Scrooge McDuck of course!

Forbes magazine is a fine publication. The release of its World’s Richest People is a high point in the Real Business calendar. But this time the mag has truly outdone themselves.

Check out the Forbes Fictional 15: a list of the 15 richest people in the world of fiction. And scintillate your mates down the pub later with your useless but fascinating knowledge of virtual wealth.

Rank; Name; Net Worth ($bn); Age; Residence; Source

1. Scrooge McDuck; $28.8; 80; Duckburg, US; Mining, Treasure Hunting

2. Ming the Merciless; $20.9; 74; Mingo City, Planet Mongo; Technology

3. Richie Rich; $16.1; 10; Richville, US; Inheritance, Conglomerates

4. Mom (Futurama); $15.7; 158; New York, US; Technology, Conglomerates

5. Jed Clampett; $11; 51; Beverly Hills, US; Oil & Gas, Banking

6. C. Montgomery Burns; $8.4; 104; Springfield, US; Energy

7. Carter Pewterschmidt; $7.2; 70; Newport, Rhode Island, US; Inheritance, Steel

8. Bruce Wayne; $7; 32; Gotham City, US; Inheritance, Defense

9. Thurston Howell III; $6.3; 60; Private Island, Pacific Ocean; Howell Industries

10. Tony Stark; $6; 35; New York, US; Defence

11. Fake Steve Jobs; $5.7; 52; Palo Alto, California, US; Apple Computer, Pixar

12. Gomez Addams $2; 51; Westfield, New Jersey, US; Inheritance, Investing

13. Willy Wonka; $1.9; 57; Kent, UK; Candy, Aerospace

14. Lucius Malfoy; $1.6; 51; Wiltshire, UK; Inheritance

15. Princess Peach; $1.3; 23; Mushroom Kingdom; Inheritance

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