Why an online presence is critical for a small business – explained by small businesses

Finally, it’s James Rice we speak with. Rice is the head of digital marketing at WikiJob, which makes it easy to discover and apply for graduate schemes and jobs in finance.

What impact does your website have on your business?

As a digital business, we would be nothing without our website. All of our revenue comes from it, and it is the means by which we provide information to people and grow our customer base.

What aspects of your site are most important to your customers?

There are three aspects of our site that provide most value to our customers. The first (and the original function of WikiJob) is the forum, which allows students and graduates to discuss application schemes and employer interviews, or read what’s been said before.

The second aspect is the articles we’ve written about interview questions, assessment centres, aptitude tests and so on, which educate our audience. And the third is the actual graduate vacancies we advertise.

Are you planning to develop any areas of your website?

We’re planning to improve the navigability of our site, to make it easier to find all the content we have. As such we’re building category pages that we can link to from the header; all of our content will live under those in a logical fashion. 

We’re also planning the transition to a single-page application, which will make the website much faster but is creating some SEO headaches we need to resolve first!

What advice do you have for new startups who are building their businesses website?

Invest in content early. Your SEO success will grow from this, so focus on producing some best-in-class content, distributing it widely to get attention (and hopefully links). Organic traffic should in time be your most effective channel, though it will take time to grow, so don’t be impatient if you’re not seeing any immediate results.

Also, prioritise making your website mobile-friendly, and keep an eye on your page load speed, as users (especially on mobile) are increasingly impatient.


So, if you’re a new company who is setting out to get recognised, it’s important to understand the power and impact that a website alone can have on the portrayal of your company. A fully engaging and professional working website will have an incredible effect on your websites traffic. If you stick to the first hand facts above, your company has no excuses not to thrive and be successful!

Robert Elding is the MD of UX agency USIO, which specialises in digital strategy and planning, customer insights, UX/UI design, as well as testing and evaluation.

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