Why are we so bothered about Cadbury?

Once upon a time Britain was a truly industrial nation. We produced and we exported and British brands were known around the world.

But a new focus on cutting-edge technology and services means traditional, solid and profitable companies have been exposed to foreign takeovers. One by one they have succumbed.

Cadbury is just the latest in a long line. Remember Pilkington, ICI, Corus, Rover? All have flown the nest in the last decade and a half.

And with public finances in such a parlous state, our venerable leaders are even considering selling off state assets: toll booths and student loan books among them.

Yet it all seems to be one-way traffic; you rarely hear of a British giant devouring a poor helpless firm founded in the US.  

Well this piece in the Times, while allowing that British industry is not all it was, reminds us of the firms Britain can still be proud of: Tesco, Diageo, BP and GlaxoSmithKline among them.

Chin up everyone.

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