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Why are you doing it” You know. Running a business?

So there I am, sat in a Travelodge in deepest darkest Birmingham, and I think to myself: it’s a funny thing, running your own busines.

I recall the bad ol’ days of employment, it was four-star hotel living all the time. You’re not nearly as keen on all that when your the one footing the bill. So I sit there, fielding calls about my network’s international expansion, dealing with enquiries about my business breakfast network, thinking honestly, "What am I doing here "

I founded 4Networking in February 2006. Since then, my company has swamped the UK. And we’re getting approaches from all over the globe. How do I get the brand to the US” Do I have to get back on that old hobby-horse, staying at Californian Motel No. 8, pushing 4Networking throughout the globe Sure, flying business class those first few times is exciting, but if I actually want a big bed, I’ve got a perfectly good one at home. I don’t need to pay £4,000 for the privilege. Not me, personally, on the ground – however, I will find people to represent 4Networking in the US.

There’s that strange moment when you go from a small business to a sensible one. All good entrepreneurs  go through it at some point. And when you find yourself there, ask yourself this: why are you doing it”

Is it for a 500BHP, 2010 model sports car” Or a Grade 2 stately home wth acres of land Listen. Without sounding like a Yank motivational speaker, you already have something better than that brand new Red Ferrari. It’s your friends, family and your health. I’ll bet that you wouldn’t swap a single one of them for the car/house of your dreams.

So next time you are sat in the office at 11pm ask yourself this question: what are you doing this for” Sod the sports car, because the thing you are really doing it for is most likely waiting for you right back at home. That’s why you are doing it, for your friends, family and your future (and your health!).

Brad Burton is a genius, author and speaker. His book is published on 13 November and you can follow his nutty rants at

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