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Why call management services should be part of every business telephone system

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There is an abundance of telephone numbers around these days but that doesnt make the decision of selecting the right number any easier. Choosing the right phone number to complement and enhance your desired business image can be a daunting task, but it’s necessary, not only because of the benefits that the number itself promotes, but the benefits that run alongside. 

When taking out any virtual number, i.e. a number that sits on top of your existing mobile or landline number, one of the major benefits that go hand-in-hand is the ability to attach call management features. 

Any business already using call management features and experiencing high call volumes will be able to tell you about the beauty of them. While the term call management features may be conjuring images of lengthy call queues and unhappy customers, they are very much a worthy and extremely useful part of many business customer service policy. 

Whether your business receives thousands, hundreds or even tens of calls a day, having a system set up that helps you to manage your calls no matter how busy you may be – or even answers them for you, will ensure that your business always answers each and every call in to the standard you and your customers expect. 

When used correctly, call management services allow small businesses to support their image as a credible and reliable company as they use the same tactics and setup as larger corporate companies. Note that we said when used correctly poor use and execution of them can lead to widespread customer dissatisfaction and can even lead to people setting up websites such as something wed highly recommend you try not to do! 

The role of call management is perceived by some customers as a way to build up their phone bills, especially when calling numbers that offer revenue sharing to the company providing them in fact, it is first and foremost a way for a business to ensure every call is answered, therefore never missing out on important sales opportunities again. With a simple Google search you can find horror stories

of lucrative sales being lost, PR opportunities being missed and complaints from irate customers because their calls have been left answered this is one of the main reasons why call management services are vital to any small business. 

Diverting calls to your mobile when you’re out of the office, using a voicemail which sends an email alert to your inbox when no one is able to pick up the calls and pointing the calls to a number of destinations to ensure someone is always able to answer are just some of the benefits that call management services can provide. 

There are many call management services, so how do you know which ones you should select and use for your business Weve put together a guide to the most common services available below:

  • Welcome Message A recorded message is played at the beginning of every call to welcome the caller to your business; 
  • IVR This is the same as a virtual attendant, which lets the callers direct themselves to their desired person or department;
  • Call Whisper This is a recorded announcement that you will hear when you answer the call, which informs you of the source of your call;
  • Voicemail Takes a message when you’re unable to answer the call, the voice file will then be delivered to your email inbox; 
  • Call Mapping This allows you to change the destination number of your virtual number so that your business calls can follow you around; 
  • Call Statistics you’re able to view and analyse your call statistics online, to help you monitor your business performance;
  • Call Queue If you’re already on the phone, call queuing puts new callers in a line until you are free to take the call; 
  • Ring Group You can have a number of people or locations as recipients of your phone calls, so that numerous locations ring simultaneously; and
  • Hunt Group Multiple destinations are called, but in order so that if you’re not able to answer the call, it will jump to another location until it is answered.

Katherine Evans is PR & Marketing Executive at

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