Why David Cameron is feeling so cheerful

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Conservative party leader David Cameron has clearly enjoyed his Christmas mulled wine. While he recognises that this has "not been an easy year for many families across the country", Dave sees Britain well positioned to grow aggressively in the years ahead.

After the 1979 "winter of discontent", Britain was revived by "a national spirit of entrepreneurialism, unleashed by a Conservative Government that was unashamedly pro-enterprise", says Cameron. This can happen again, he insists.

How? The Tory leader points to the industries in which the UK is a world leader – design, creative, architecture – and says that these can be the engine of future growth. The world’s first environmental stockmarket, based here in the UK, can boost investment in tomorrow’s green businesses. And he promises, should the Conservatives win the next election, a government that is "determinedly pro- growth, with a range of bold policies to turbo-boost the ideas and ambitions of our nation’s entrepreneurs".

It’s all heartwarming stuff, but with bank lending to small businesses still falling (for the ninth successive month) and evidence that would-be entrepreneurs are deterred from starting their own businesses, it’s our view that nothing less than a national blood transfusion is necessary for Britain to live up to Cameron’s optimistic words. 

Rewarding new jobs will only come from two sources in the future: strong small and mid-sized businesses that are stable, creative and well-managed enough to grow; and new businesses in the right sectors for the future. To stimulate those businesses to generate those jobs requires bravery and belief on behalf of enterprising people; and a well balanced society in which they can operate.

The job may be bigger than even Dave realises…

Happy new year to you all. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1237209/DAVID-CAMERON-Yes–really-reasons-cheerful.html#ixzz0b5zUm8TD  

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