Why Facebook is treating British SME market like a military operation

How lucrative are SMEs as a customer base for Facebook? What’s the difference between pages and groups, and which should an SME look to use?

Pages are definitely where to start. It’s your presence and it gives you an instant mobile strategy that means you’re discoverable on any device irrespective of the operating system, whether that’s iPad, iPhone, Samsung or tablet. One simple message from that page reaches all of those devices and that’s incredibly valuable for businesses.

Groups have a different use case, but we do see lots of SME growth in groups. Sometimes you have public open groups for people coming together around a common interest, and then other times SMEs choose to create a group to communicate and share.

How lucrative are SMEs as a customer base for Facebook?

We don’t distinguish our results by segment, but what I can say is that they’re incredibly important ? as are all our clients. Our philosophy and what we’re really focused on right now is value. The clear message we want to send to every business is that no matter how small you are, we do want our tools available for all, and we want them to measure us to drive real business results, whether that’s a lead, website traffic, foot traffic or lifting brand sentiment.

We want to drive hard business results and I think if we focus on that, it’s the right relationship. Facebook will get timely, interesting, valuable content that’s natural, and conversely businesses grow as users on Facebook grow.

What is Facebook doing as a business to retain and grow SME customers?

We need to focus on the simplicity of our tools, grow better measurement capabilities to prove value and advertise results for businesses. If we can focus on those three things, I think more people will join Facebook, and more SMEs will test ads and get results. Some will scale up and some will stay at the level appropriate for their business. That’s how we’ve grown so far and that’s what we want to stay focused on.

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