Why free days matter for business leaders

Every day is not the same. If you know you’re going to be heading into a period of high activity at work, take Free Days” beforehand rather than ploughing through until you’re exhausted, reactive, and have no creative energy left. By treating Free Days as a precondition for productivity rather than as a reward, you can maintain a consistently high level of energy, creativity, and focus when you’re at work.

Free Days also give you time to cultivate the other dimensions of your life. Instead of waiting until retirement to enjoy your success, to expand your awareness and enjoyment of the world, you really can have it all now. All you need is the will to start exercising your entrepreneurial freedom.

And here’s another benefit of taking Free Days: your team will grow stronger. Andrew Burcher is a participant in the Strategic Coach” programme in London. He discovered this principle quite literally by accident: the first time he took a Free Day, he had a motorcycle accident and broke his right leg, which forced him to spend a lot of time away from the office. As he says:

“I assumed that my business would fail. I must be indispensable, surely. Not so: the members of my team, because of the tools that we d given them in that six-month period beforehand, were fantastic. Now I?m able to run the business without a desk, with key members of the team doing key jobs, and I’ve got an enormous amount of enthusiasm for the job.

As the old joke goes, ?How can I miss you if you never go away

At first you might think your business or your industry is an exception, but in nearly 40 years of coaching entrepreneurs, I’ve seen this concept work across the board, and I’ve witnessed some truly moving moments, such as entrepreneurs rediscovering their families, or multiplying their capabilities, time, and money to the extent that they could realise their biggest, most meaningful lifetime goals.

How do you start” Take one Free Day. Book it beforehand and clearly communicate its importance to others. The right people will understand that you want to be fully present wherever you are, so that when you’re in front of your clients and customers, they will have your full attention. And when you’re with your spouse, family, or friends, you can be wholly available for them, too.

Another Strategic Coach” participant who’s a litigator will give out his business card when asked, but adds this warning: ?Here’s my personal number. But if you ever abuse it, you’re dropped as a client. Free Days are that important. The success of your entrepreneurial career truly depends on your ability to take them.

Oh, and did I mention that they?re fun” When you give yourself time that’s separate and free from work-related activities and obligations, you?ll find yourself approaching both your work and life with a vastly increased sense of energy, creativity, and optimism.

Dan Sullivan is the founder and president of Strategic Coach?.

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