Why I did an MBA

“As finance director of C Le Masurier since 2002, a private family-owned real estate investment and development company incorporated in Jersey, Channel Islands, I am responsible for formulating and directing the investment strategy and pan-European operations of the group. It’s one of Jersey’s largest private property companies and has direct real estate investments throughout Jersey, the UK and Continental Europe.

“I graduated with an MBA with Distinction from Manchester Business School Worldwide in December 2007 and I genuinely see an MBA as an essential part of any finance professional’s tool kit. It’s hugely complimentary to a professional finance qualification.

“As finance practitioners, we may understand and be well-versed in the principles of finance and investment, but an MBA takes this knowledge and practically applies it in the realm of executive decision-making across a broad range of contemporary management issues.

“Manchester Business School has an outstanding reputation for its analytical and practical approach, which is fully reflected in its MBA syllabus, geared towards finance managers and finance professionals. I found the MBA experience allowed me to take intellectually challenging issues and to apply them in the context of my business role.

"The learning process was both rewarding and stimulating and this has simply fuelled my desire for further research, particularly in the field of specialised real estate finance. As such, I am now undertaking an Executive Doctorate with MBS Worldwide, researching portfolio and financing optimisation for direct real estate investment.

“This wasn’t just about me, however, as my business sponsor was also looking for a real return. This is perhaps best evidenced through the putting of ‘theory into practice’.

“In these extremely volatile times of deepening recession and amidst the credit crisis, the MBA has provided me with the strategic tools to help survive the downturn, including managing risk and uncertainty, reviewing structure and cost base and planning ahead.

“On a personal level, during the MBA programme I also established a diverse network of peers with vastly different experiences and from multicultural and geographical backgrounds. This has broadened my knowledge and understanding of how others operate and has provided me with a strong and supportive network of global professional finance contacts, as well as many new friends.

“As finance directors, we are responsible for setting finance policy. The synergy between finance policy and organisational strategy can be more fully exploited by an MBA, offering a truly international education and one that can be tailored for finance professionals.”Find more information on the MBA programme at Manchester Business School Worldwide here.

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