Why I put the boss in a sandwich board for days around London

Lucky Londoners may have spotted Steve in his sandwich board pounding the pavements in some of London’s most bustling areas. Taking inspiration from the likes of Mark Wheeldon, who stood in the rain with a ‘Give Me a Job’ sign, and Bennett Olson’s ‘Hire Me!’ billboard, Steve wasn’t afraid of going out there trying to grab some attention to get our message out.

The week-long tour took him through commuter-heavy tube stations, packed streets and lunchtime hotspots, including a gruelling four hours on heaving Oxford Street. It may have been a tough task, but it certainly seemed a more attractive option than splurging another £30,000 on unsuccessful recruitment campaigns. If it caught the eye of potential candidates then great, as it’s just the sort of proactive thinking that we look for in our employees.

So, did it work” Well, we’ll have to wait and see on that one, but, of course, we had another objective too. Yes, we want to recruit and we wanted a new way of attracting candidates, but as well as that, we wanted to highlight the bigger issue – if a vibrant company like Chillisauce is struggling to find candidates despite high unemployment, then there must be lots more businesses experiencing similar problems. Just as we took a creative approach to trying to solve our own hiring difficulties, fresh thinking is needed to revive the entire recruitment process across the country.

Jobs exist and there are successful, growing companies that need to find exciting talent to help them progress, but there is clearly a barrier between matching up that talent to the needs of the employers. The challenge for us all now is how to break down that barrier and connect the dots between those with the talent and those looking for it.

Have you resorted to any creative tactics in your own recruitment campaigns” I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Michael Chidzey is the Head of Digital Marketing and PR at Chillisauce.co.uk.

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