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Why procrastination prevents success

No matter our level of intelligence and capability, we all succumb to procrastination at some point. Procrastination comes hand in hand with negative connotations. But only in understanding the route of procrastination can we learn to successfully manage and overcome it.

In working with high net-worth individuals and in delivering peak performance and success masterclasses, I have found the following points are key to understanding and overcoming procrastination:

We procrastinate about tasks

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Procrastination often sets in when you’re faced with a set of tasks to complete.

The tasks most important to us, are often those we procrastinate most about. Why” Because of things like fear of failure and lack of self-worth. Think about it. When there is a lot riding on one piece of work, such as a client proposal, procrastination will kick in.

These feelings push you to find the perfect time and place to piece the document together, at ease and without distraction.

Though this may sound like a sensible mental shift, in reality, it’s lured you into a false sense of security, so you can immediately complete easier tasks to make yourself feel productive and satisfied. This means you ignore that one piece of work that could make or break your business.

Sound familiar?

Procrastination is deep-rooted in the fear of failure and a lack of self-worth. This process is trying to protect us from negative experiences that we believe will undermine our capabilities.

Procrastination is no longer the problem, but rather the need to overcome self-doubt through a positive and focused mindset.

Procrastination may protect you from fear of failure, but it ultimately prevents you from achieving success. Successful individuals understand that time is a valuable asset, and in consistently succumbing to procrastination, you inevitably lose time.

Procrastination an in-depth analysis

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There’s a way to condition your mindset away from procrastination.

As a result, the chances of you securing the work are not ruined because you don’t have the capability to deliver the brief, but because you have let procrastination get in the way of achieving success.

When in its grasp, procrastination can be a vicious cycle. You are presented with an opportunity to succeed, but you fear failure so procrastinate.

You don’t win the opportunity because you didn?t complete the work on time meaning your lack of self-worth is reaffirmed, fuelling future procrastination.

Therefore, in understanding why we procrastinate and the resulting implications of procrastination, we can implement prevention strategies.

Conditioning your mindset for success

Procrastination starts in the mind. Change your mindset and condition it for success.

The key to overcoming procrastination is mindset. Conditioning your mindset for success means you will develop strong beliefs in your capability and self-worth.

This means you will be able to recognise when you procrastinate and implement strategies to overcome it. Remember, procrastination is fuelled by our sub-conscious desire to protect us from failure.

To be a high-performance individual, you have to push past this feeling on a daily basis and reaffirm positive and determined beliefs, where procrastination has no place to thrive.


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