Why retaining and rewarding staff should be top of your to-do list

We’re about results, rather than time-based working. We reward impact, not 24-hour availability or the ticks in boxes of a linear work plan. I think this encourages people to take responsibility for achieving success, or failure, and then share the rewards of that success.

Rewards can take many forms. Individuals frequently receive spot rewards for their dedication and hard work. This month, as part of our bi-annual company awards, I?m taking a group who put in some particularly impressive results to a Champagne tasting trip in France. 

What is also great about this is that the group were selected by their co-workers, making it truly democratic and meaningful.

We?ve made sure that we provide a working environment that suits our stakeholders, from flexible hours and childcare vouchers to free fruit, the ubiquitous technology firm pool table, and cycle to work schemes. 

But where we differ from a larger company, and this is where all smaller businesses can steal and seal the deal with available talent, is that we do have a vision that stakeholders can see, touch and be part of.

This is such a critical advantage us entrepreneur-led businesses have ? the ability to create something that those who work there really, truly believe is a good company that does brilliant things for customers. 

It?s easy to forget this when you?re at the head of a quickly growing company, when you have to find bodies fast to complete a major project.

The best people and leaders, from all walks of life, think about how they can provide the foundation and support for other people to flourish and develop. I personally draw great satisfaction from putting my own time and energy into helping others whilst they work for us.

Jon Pickering is co-founder of Block.

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