Why social media is a fantastic customer service gateway for businesses


Transparency is important to build trust, not only for existing customers but also for potential ones. If a company is seen to be ignoring their customers’ complaints or queries, there will be a lack of trust from onlookers. However, if a brand is seen to be responding publicly to issues, then this can have a positive effect on how people view the brand, perhaps even more so than not having any negative comments at all. Criticism and complaints give companies an opportunity to pull out all the stops and impress their customers.

People who are aware of the company, but have yet to experience it first-hand, will be interested to see how well you handle issues and whether changes are made off the back of complaints. If a brand is able to answer questions efficiently, or address complaints effectively and quickly, they’ll leave a positive impression on all followers and ensure that their confidence in the brand as a whole is not shaken.

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It is important to know where your customers are coming from: referral traffic can be tracked using Google analytics but this does not give masses of detail about the customer journey and purchasing habits. Call tracking software from providers is a way that businesses can improve their customer service offering on social media.

By using unique numbers for each platform brands can track their customer’s journey from the platform to purchase or conversion. From this they can tell which platforms have the greatest number of true consumers, the ones that purchase or convert.

One platform may have more followers than another but that doesn’t mean it’s the most successful channel which therefore runs the risk of marketing budgets being misallocated.

This is also relevant to social ads: you can put a unique number on the ads and the software will track the specific conversions from that number. This is helpful because if you don’t get many social conversions on this ad, but you get a high number of responses on the ad placed elsewhere, then you know that it doesn’t work for that platform and it needs to be changed to increase its effectiveness.

Natalia Selby is marketing coordinator at analytics firm Mediahawk

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