Why social media recruitment is perfect for small business owners

This is particularly true of social media and, as an extension, social media recruitment. Not only are social media sites often free to set up and post on, they are also great places for finding talent. Larger businesses have been tapping into these sites for years and many small business owners have been quick to follow their lead.

Still not convinced that social media is the right form of recruitment for you? 

Here are five reasons you should give it a go:

1. It?s free

As all business owners know, money is important. So, the fact that many social media sites are free to use makes them very attractive for small business owners. The main expenditure is time; time online, time creating a strategy, and time responding to candidates? interest. But in terms of cold hard cash, social media is a great recruitment tool.

2. Community 

Being on social media gives you access to an online community. Setting up and joining groups and lists on Twitter and LinkedIn will help to establish your business as a leading brand within your industry, while also putting you in contact with like-minded business owners. In terms of recruitment, joining these lists and groups helps your brand to become more noticeable on social media, enhance your followers and help your recruitment drive reach a wider audience.

3. Overall branding

Your social media recruitment is part of your overall online branding. So if your recruitment posts are friendly and professional this is how your brand will come across to potential employees and customers. On top of this, social media gives you the chance to engage with customers in a way that no other form of marketing or recruitment enables you to do so.

4. Modern 

Which company would you rather work for, the one that is modern and embracing new ideas and technology, or the one that is seemingly stuck in the 1990s and secretly hoping the world will revert back to fax machines and off-line communication? There?s no competition really. Small business owners sometimes have a bad reputation for being slow to embrace new trends and technology, but the reality is that many small businesses can benefit the most from digital communication and are often leading the way. You need to show and prove to potential employees that you are forward thinking and ready to utilise new ideas in order to keep ahead of the evolving business world. And a good place to start with this is by using social media recruitment.

5. Ahead of the competition 

Business is competitive, we all know this, and for many business owners the competition is what drives them. One way of keeping ahead of the competition is through getting talented employees who will help move your business forward and grow. The most talented employees are often the ones who are not looking for jobs so cannot be reached using traditional recruitment methods. They will, however, often be ambitious, and as such, will be keeping an eye on social media to see what potential opportunities are available, which is your chance to catch their attention.

Derin Clark is a writer, editor and blogger. 

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