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Why women rebels are good for business

The real fact of the matter is that if businesses want to be more innovative, have better ideas, consider new perspectives and inspire change then we need more female rebels in them.

Its the women rebels who can affect the most positive change when they really allow themselves to step forward and into their true beliefs.

The expectation that women will challenge less, are not as likely to speak out first and are far more prone to adhering to a “sociably desirable manner” on any issue means that when a woman does actually speak up and out, with clarity, her impact can be significantly stronger than her male counterparts.

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Be loud, be proud, be heard!

When women are comfortable in their own skin and clothing then they are capable of achieving much more. There is less attention on being “approved of” or “suitable” and less worry and self-consciousness. This, in turn, allows more energy and attention to go towards the task in hand and enables her to work from a strong place of authenticity.

When you dress how you would like to dress, and not how you think you should dress, you are more likely working from your whole and congruent self and therefore are in a far stronger position to lead!

Rebelliousness equals charisma. When women let their inner rebel out then they are guaranteed to be amongst the best at giving messages, presentations, creating buy-in and rapport. They are also brilliant at seeing different perspectives on situations.

Always remember to use your rebel gift wisely, with attention to detail for maximum effect!

Being the contrarian around ideas can be the most creative position to play from. By playing devils advocate, women may fear risking their popularity in the short-term, but long-term that daring and controversial questioning can make the difference between an average idea and a groundbreaking innovation.

Only ask the contrarians question when you have a genuine need to, rather than doing it for the sake of it. Give your rebelliousness a definite cause!

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Rebels are, by their very nature, advocates for change when they see a better way of doing things. Women, it has been scientifically proven, are more likely to have an ethical and compassionate manner in relation to such change.

So if you want change with values at its heart and compassionate management, round up your women rebels. Or better still, step forward yourself and take the helm.

Freeing your inner rebel is confidence boosting, liberating and gets creative juices flowing and so long as you are a rebel with a cause, then this freer and more authentic place will be one of unlimited possibility for both you and the business you work in. Go on, women, bring out your rebel stand tall, firm and proud. You have work to do!

Bec Howard and Dannie Lu Carr are expert leadership coaches and co-founders of The Good Witches of the North.


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