Why you need to stop chasing new customers and start paying attention to the ones you already have

Assuming you have been in business for a while, you will already have customers or clients. 

Heres why you should be viewing them (and treating them) as the goldmine in your business: it is generally up to eight times more difficult to get a new client or customer than it is to sell something else to your existing clients or customers. 

So that means it is going to cost you less time, effort and money to get more business from your existing clients or customers than if you try to get business from new ones. This in turn will boost your profits

With existing customers or clients, you’ve already gone to all the hard work of getting yourself a new client or customer, and proven to them they can trust you to deliver them a good product or great service. So it makes sense that it will be easier to get them to say “yes” to buying from you than it will be to get someone who doesnt know you yet to do the same.

How to get more business from existing customers and clients

Depending on your business, you may want your existing customers or clients to buy the same product or service again, or it may be more appropriate appropriate to offer them another product or service you have. 

Either way, the easiest way to get your existing clients or customers to buy something else from you is by simply asking them what else they need. 

This could be as simple as calling them up or sending them a letter or an email. But dont just try to “sell” something to them. Instead, ask how else you can help them. Find out what else they need or would benefit from, rather than just trying to tell them about what youd like to sell to them. The emphasis should always be on them, not you. 

If you are in a one-on-one conversation with a client or customer, then ask a few questions related to the product or service you provide do they need more help in any of these areas at the moment Do they have another problem you can fix for them  

You could also write a helpful blog post, email, article, or guide on a topic related to your product or service, which explains what problems or challenges your client or customer may have and what solution they need to fix that. 

This will provide valuable information, so you won’t be seen as “selling”. At the same time, youll be letting your clients or customers know what you actually offer this solution by way of your product or service youd be surprised how many of them dont know about the other things you can offer them. 

Remember to include a call to action in every blog or article you write, letting your customers or clients know what you want them to do next. 

To keep your clients or customers for longer (so they can keep buying from you), youll need to ensure they receive great customer service whenever they do business with you.

Without that, they are likely to drift away or be poached by your competitors and won’t be around next time you want to invite them to buy from you. So treat them like the precious goldmine they really are and theyll reward you for it by staying your customer or client for longer and continuing to buy more of your products and services.

Michelle Peters is founder of The Business Instructor.

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