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Will ChatGPT Transform Content Marketing? 3 Reasons Why The ‘Human Touch’ Is Still Important

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Could content marketers become redundant? On the back of OpenAI’s newest bot release, ChatGPT has become something of a celebrity in the marketing world. 

As a content writing master, ChatGPT has become a go-to tool for content marketers across the globe. Powered by AI, it has become one of the first chatbots to not only gather vast amounts of data but recite fresh content in a meaningful, human tone.

Since its release, ChatGPT has been used to aid a number of writing efforts, from emails to essays. Recent ChatGPT statistics reveal it supports 55+ languages. The question is, could it write a blog post too?

Are we welcoming a new era of content marketing?

Creating engaging, innovative content can be time-consuming. It takes a great deal of research, a fresh angle and a strong voice to win over an online audience.

As the competition to boost content SEO rises, it’s no wonder that a number of digital marketers have turned to AI-powered bots like ChatGPT to speed up article production, gather quick insights and plan content formats.

With the ability to tap into extensive vocabulary and mimic human language, many content writers fear their positions could be in jeopardy. However, Professor of Law at Emory University, Matthew Sag, claims that language models, such as ChatGPT, could never fully replace the ‘human touch’ but rather aid it instead. 

“There’s a saying that an infinite number of monkeys will eventually give you Shakespeare,” he claims. “There’s a large number of monkeys here, giving you things that are impressive — but there is intrinsically a difference between the way that humans produce language and the way that large language models do it.” 

Stick with us as we reveal 3 reasons why the ‘human touch’ is still essential in the land of content production and how you can use ChatGPT to enhance your writing efforts rather than replace them.

Human insight starts new conversations 

While ChatGPT can sift through vast amounts of information at lightning speed, its content-writing process carries one major flaw. 

AI-powered content writing may be fresh and free of plagiarism but is only built on the foundation of insights that have already been published. While ChatGPT can take an alternative angle on a popular topic, it can not create a new one.

This is where the human touch remains essential. In order for your copywriting to truly stand out, you need to be constantly producing original content and starting new conversations with your work. A true piece of high-quality content shouldn’t be able to be found anywhere else on the internet. If you’re engaging in new topical debates, you’re much more likely to become a thought leader within your niche and a blog worth generating traffic for. 

Original sources drive valuable content

ChatGPT is an expert at harvesting data. If you’re looking for a stat to add to an article, an AI-powered content bot is a great research aid. However, while ChatGPT pulls up data related to a subject matter, it doesn’t reference the text or cite its sources. 

Therefore, it’s important not to put all your trust in AI when it comes to writing a piece based on hard data or empirical facts. 

As the competition to churn out content heats up, the rise of ChatGPT has made original sources and real data a valuable asset to human content writers. If you can produce your own primary sources in the form of survey results, interviews and studies, you’ll stand out as a fresh source of insights that ChatGPT can’t match.

The importance of targeted content

The importance of customised, targeted content is enough alone to keep content marketers relevant in the battle against ChatGPT.

ChatGPT may be able to recite information in a human tone, but it doesn’t ‘know’ who it’s writing for. 

Half of the effort that comes with content writing is creating a piece in a tone that speaks to your demographic. If you release an AI-generated article that doesn’t appeal to your audience, don’t be surprised if your engagement rates are low. 

Personalised content

(Image Source: Exploding Topics)

Don’t just take our word for it, though. 87% of consumers expect some degree of personalisation in the content they consume. If you prioritise your consumer group, you’ll rake in high traffic and more potential for conversion.

Using ChatGPT as a partner rather than a rival

There’s no doubt that the ‘human touch’ is an essential part of a successful content strategy, but that’s not to say that you can’t use ChatGPT to enhance your marketing efforts.If you’re concerned about your business’ safety in a competitive marketing landscape, AI content bots could actually aid your success rather than steal it away. 

As a fantastic research sourcing tool or a formatting wizard for large articles, ChatGPT can be used as a great guide for your content writing. 

“Technology will never stop advancing, and the digital world will only continue to grow. With so much competition in the digital world and only so much time to generate more content, AI is a dynamic game changer for digital marketing.” says the CEO of Hyperlinks Media, Charles Mazzini. “From 24/7 chatbots, analyzing data and trends, custom feeds and generating content, the limit to what AI can do for content marketing does not exist.”

While AI content bots may not be on track to take over the world just yet, they will certainly continue to transform the marketing world as we know it. 


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